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Laying a foundation of conscious consumerism rooted in equity and diversity for New Jersey’s adult-use cannabis industry

Vigor Dispensary is a pharmacist-led, diversely-owned retail cannabis dispensary. We are committed to serving adult-use consumers utilizing cannabis along the full spectrum of health and recreation.


Our team understands the value of advanced education, conscious consumerism, and most importantly – empowerment for customers to make self-motivated purchasing decisions based on their own personal goals.


From the time you set foot in our dispensary, we’re here to cultivate and nourish your personal relationship with this plant. What many see as simply a commodity, we view as an opportunity to enhance daily experiences – but it begins with mastering the product in front of you.

Family-owned & operated

Our founders Susan Ao, MBA and Alan Ao, PharmD are lifelong New Jersey natives. With a combined 25 years of healthcare and pharmacy experience, they’re bringing a fresh perspective and knowledge base to the Garden State’s newest industry. 


We’re dedicated to keeping a small business mindset of local in, local out and similar to independent pharmacies, prioritizing local engagement is a cornerstone of our business model. We’re thrilled to bring a new texture and vibrant color to the Borough of Matawan, New Jersey. 

Product-driven mission:

First and foremost, our products will be hand-selected from cultivators and processors that share in our mission, beliefs, and background. Our message of diversity, equity, and inclusion is rooted in the understanding that culture crafts this industry to be genuinely unique in so many ways. The history and stories of cannabis began with people, and should always continue to remain that way.

We are here to offer prioritized support for licensed cannabis operators that are:




LGBTQ+ owned

Locally owned/operated

Aside from carrying superior quality cannabis products, participating in a legalized industry ensures customers have access to products that include:

  • Lab testing requirements, solidifying confidence that they’re free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and heavy metals. 
  • Certificates of analyses (COAs) accurately reflecting individual cannabinoid and terpene profiles.
  • Mandatory labeling standards allowing a transparent understanding of active ingredients and serving sizes.
  • Child-resistant, resealable packaging for the safety of others.

Our Commitment:

We are dedicated to normalizing cannabis consumption, leading the conversation to break barriers of access, and eliminating lingering stigma. Whether you’re dipping your toes in from the Legacy market, rekindling your passion for cannabis from decades ago, or just simply curious about what cannabis is, 

We are here for you.

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 Sitting at the crossroads of cannabis legalization alongside emerging science, health data, and recreational innovation, cannabis is here to stay! We’re so excited to be a part of your journey in safely integrating cannabis into the best version of yourself and hope our motto resounds with every aspect of your life within our four walls and beyond:

Live with intention.
Live with VIGOR.

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