Breaking the Stigma

Normalizing cannabis consumption often times involve having difficult conversations. 


No matter who your audience is – a government official, member of law enforcement, neighbor, or beloved family member, being armed with data, facts, and concise talking points will help facilitate the conversation.

We challenge every single person to read about the history of cannabis in the United States and why even today, black and brown citizens are 3.64 times more likely to be arrested for cannabis-related incidents than their counterparts. It’s a story shrouded in bureaucratic agendas woven with systemic racism at its core.

Breaking the stigma and taking the first step in having meaningful conversations about cannabis involves recognizing and acknowledging entire generations that purposely instilled fear and misinformation in the hearts of the general population with “Reefer Madness” campaigns and D.A.R.E programs.

DARE Anti Drug Cartoon – vintage 90’s nostalgia –

It sure feels like we’ve come a long way, but we collectively still have miles of ground to cover.

These organizations are helping to lead the dialogue:


Whether you’re choosing to educate yourself as a conscious consumer or integrating yourself into this emerging industry as a member of the workforce, knowing where to find the right resources and educational programs is crucial.


Science has become the cornerstone to legitimizing the cannabis industry.


As legalization continues to sweep across the nation as well as globally, the next generation of “cannabis professionals” is being created.

We're excited to be part of the dialogue! Are you?

Medical Professionals

Active practitioners have been hesitant to enter the cannabis space citing lack of educational resources, protocols, and peer-reviewed research, yet plant-based medicine has existed in practice for millennia beginning in ancient times.


As almost all medical professionals understand, the ability to network with like-minded individuals is how the needle for innovation surrounding patient care moves forward. Functional and alternative medicine is at the forefront of modern-day holistic practices.

Join in on the conversations:


Across the United States, the cannabis industry is experiencing a rapid pace of growth compared to any other market.

With nearly half a million people currently working in the industry today, we are still in the infancy stage trying to develop stronger foundations. Working through state-by-state piecemeal regulations has shown to be incredibly difficult and with a push for reform happening on the federal level as well, there are many moving parts.

No matter where your interests lie, these resources can help you stay in tune with what's happening across the country:

New Jersey

Welcome to the Garden State! Learn about what’s happening in the cannabis industry around NJ and get actively involved! Below are some resources to kick start your journey: